Content on a Monday

There is a chicken roasting in the Crock-Pot. It smells really really good. I hope Adam’s planning on corn and mashed potatoes as sides. That’s a nice, comforting meal, don’t you think?

I’m wearing my new Juicy Couture warm up suit. Just so you know, I love Juicy and I never pay full price for it. (Well except once, back in 2006, but I didn’t know better then. I did learn that they make the best hoodies out there, though.) I always get my Juicy stuff from this site called Rue La La (one of those sites that emails you all the deals they have going on for the day) or Nordstrom Rack. They don’t have Juicy on sale all the time, but when they do, I like to take advantage. Some people might think it’s stupid that I pay so much for Juicy (even when it’s deeply discounted it’s still a bit more than a warm up suit from say, Old Navy or something), but for me, it’s worth it. I haven’t had warm ups that were as warm and cozy from anyone else.

Adam went to take the rent and he’s brought me back a cupcake from Molly’s Cupcakes. Molly’s is the best cupcake shop in Chicago. I’ve tried a bunch so I know what I’m talking about. :)

Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcake
blueberry cheesecake cupcake goodness

I made it through all my library books and I’ve decided to reread Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince again. I definitely have a giant to read pile next to my bed and also on one of the bookcases I sit in front of every day, but sometimes I just want something familiar, you know?

Crookshanks has taken to sleeping under Adam’s desk. He’s all the way across the room and I can hear him snoring like he’s a grown man. Which in a way he is.

It’s sunny out but still cold. I mean, 35F isn’t bad actually but you know me. I am very ready for 80F and higher! I am not sure if the Disney trip made my craving for summer worse or what! But it’s OK. I don’t mind this craving if it means a mid-winter Disney trip is what caused it.

Aidan managed to talk me into paying 99¢ for the full version of Fruit Ninja for my phone. I’m sure he didn’t realize that I probably wouldn’t have done so if I didn’t enjoy the game so much myself. And I also have an iTunes credit balance, so there you go. A few years ago, I won a $50 iTunes gift card which I’ve been milking, and then Aidan got me a $15 iTunes gift card for my birthday. iTunes gift cards = fun apps for Ronni’s iPhone!

Oooh, and I just got word that I won the cutest set of earring from Miss Kait‘s blog. I love earrings and I love winning giveaways. So this is PERFECT. :)

Oh and now this is sitting beside me:


It IS a good Monday. :)

That’s enough for now. Til next time!

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( Wednesday, 22 February 2012 09:01 pm)

Random Wednesday Night

I’m freelancing in an office this week and I like it. One of the people I work with has a TARDIS on her desk, and the guy who sits next to me brings me Fritos and sounds like David Bromstad from Colorsplash. I love listening to him talk. I worked a couple of days for this place back in 2010, so it’s nice to be back. The place has nice vibes and the office is gorgeous. And of course, making extra $$ is always a good thing.

Working onsite means I have to be on a normal sleep schedule. Actually, I managed to regulate myself when I went to Disney World. Having only three hours of sleep or so that first day really made me sleepy that night, so I was able to get up at a decent hour the next morning. (We won’t talk about what happened during a few of the nights after I got back. The night owl lives long and hard in me.) I didn’t sleep well Sunday or Monday night, though, and I paid for it Tuesday. I was really tired all day. I crashed EARLY, but I felt OK when I woke up today. So I’m normal… for now at least!

I’ve discovered the Mad Men Volume 1 score and it is FANTASTIC. It’s only 36 minutes, though, so it goes by quickly. But it’s really good music. Listening to Torchwood now.

I am SO READY for summer to be here. I know the days are getting longer every day, but I really am tired of it being pitch black by 6pm. It was worse when it was pitch black by 4:15pm–thank God we won’t have to worry about that again for several months. Isn’t it funny? I’m such a night owl, but I love my long summer days.

Other Things I Love About Summer
1. It’s warm/hot.
2. Wearing dresses, tank tops, and shorts.
3. Walking places isn’t as big a hassle.
4. I can do a “wash and wear” for my hair in the mornings (if I’m actually UP at such a time!) without worrying about it freezing.
5. Cookouts.
6. Berries in season.
7. Aidan’s here!!!
8. No need to wear 45983758953075 layers of clothing and outerwear.
9. No snow, ice, sleet and other assorted horrible weather stuff.

There are some bad things, too. Things like thunderstorms, mosquitos, idiots who break into cars, and loud parties. But that doesn’t stop me from craving summer. Only 120 days.

Target had a sale last week: Buy one Sims game, get one free. This was me when I discovered the sale:

I got Generations and Pets, the two most expensive ones that I didn’t already have. I haven’t played much of them yet. Waiting ’til I get through this week of freelancing to really commit.

I really, really, really want to go back to Disney World. I haven’t even consumed all the snacks I brought home from my most recent trip. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be there! I mean, we didn’t even get a chance to ride Spaceship Earth. What?

Oh well. We’ll be back there before long.

I’d better go do the responsible thing and get ready for bed. The word on the street is that tomorrow is going to be a long one. I’d better get a lot of rest. I need make sure I’m stocked on Red Thunder1 in case I get drowsy. And also snacks.

‘Til next time!

  1. Aldi’s brand of Red Bull
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( Monday, 9 January 2012 06:55 pm)


Listening to my “Eleventiedâ„¢” mix on my iPod.
This is the playlist that consists of all my favorite songs.
Some examples?
a. Anywhere Is by Enya (DUH)
b. Soul Man by Kid N Play
c. Cry Little Sister (Theme from The Lost Boys)
d. Addicted by Kelly Clarkson
e. Helena Beat by Foster the People.
f. We Belong by Pat Benetar
g. I Can’t Dance by Genesis

38 songs. 2.7 hours of listening AWESOME for moi.
Hey, I never said I was cool.

Long, hot baths with a Lush bath bomb.
Especially the Dragon’s Egg bomb.
The bath bomb that keeps on giving.
It’s one of the slow release ones. It smells amazing.
It crackles!
It turns the water the most gorgeous, sparkly orange.
I love it.

Demi Lovato is on the cover of my latest issue of Seventeen!
Don’t ask why I still read Seventeen.
Actually, I’ll tell you why.
I hope to be a YA author one day.
And I feel like Seventeen will give me some insight.
Or at least tell me what to avoid in my writing.

Remembering that a year ago, Adam and I were at Disney World.
We’d eaten so much at Liberty Tree Tavern that we had to go into
The Hall of Presidents because we were too stuffed to move!
We’d eaten ourselves stupid.
I regret nothing.
And we get to do it again next month!

My awesome houseguest is en route to my place RIGHT NOW!
She and her boyfriend are staying with us all week.

Beef and noodles in the Crock-Pot.
It smells DELICIOUS.
Dinner is going to be great.

Just getting word that
Make It Or Break It
returns to ABC Family March 26.
YAY gymnastics!!!

Feeling like myself again.
The fatigue has eased up.
My appetite is coming back.
I’m ready to do yoga again,
and I’m planning to go back tomorrow.

Not only did I have the most amazing brunch at
Bleeding Heart Bakery & Cafe,
but I found out some awesome news about a couple of my friends. :D
I’m so happy for them!


My Disney Imagination candle.
It makes the place smell like

What stuff do you like today?

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( Sunday, 8 January 2012 03:00 am)

We interrupt this blog for a test of the dorkilicious dorkity dork system.

This is only a test.


One of the chores I hate the most is putting away my Christmas decorations. For one thing, it’s work, which sucks, but another thing, I’m packing away all my pretty things for another many months. See, I have a little secret.

I cannot decorate worth a damn.

No. Seriously. I really suck at it. Adam did most of the decorating that’s in our apartment. He did most of the painting, he hangs the art, he deals with the furniture. My contributions? Calendars and dolls, and my little corner with the desk. The only time I do halfway OK with decorating? Christmas. And that doesn’t get to stay up all year. It doesn’t matter that I play on Pinterest all the time, or that I am addicted to watching HGTV. I still have no decorating sense. Or class.

Just last night, I was watching a show on HGTV with my friend Jen. These rich people in Texas or somewhere–their entire first floor flooded while they were on vacation, so they called in this designer. Their tastes were definitely above mine. The leopard print carpet on the stairs? I totally would slide down that on my butt. The big horse statue/sculpture thingy? I’d climb on it and take a picture. I told Jen that if/when I ever became super, duper rich, my house would NOT look like that ’cause it’s just like me. I’d hope I wouldn’t be obvious “new money,” but that old, rich, dark stuff is not my favorite.

so not my style

Another thing I don’t get is people’s obsession with “outdated” this and that. I couldn’t care less if my appliances are stainless steel or not. If they’re functional (and the stove is gas), then I’m good to go. Granite countertops? Not necessary. I mean, yes, all that stuff is really pretty and it would be nice to have, but it’s not a deal breaker for me if I don’t have it. (And I don’t.)

When I watch those shows and I watch how picky people get over things, I kinda want to giggle. Adam and I have a pretty big apartment by Chicago’s standards, especially for what we’re paying. But it’s not *gigantic* or anything. It was hard for me to downsize, and we still struggle with storage space. I once lived in a 2300 square foot house, then I lived in a 450 square foot two bedroom apartment alone before moving here. I’m also a pack rat. Poor Adam. The sheer amount of STUFF that came with me overwhelmed him greatly. Poor guy. But we got it under control (sort of).

We don’t plan on moving for a while, but if we did, here are my must haves:

two bedrooms
two bathrooms
air conditioning (this is more for Adam’s sake than my sake)
gas stove
cat friendly
close to public transporation

Here are my “nice-to-haves”:

hardwood flooring
walk-in closets
porch or stoop
close to downtown

And this list is my “it’d be cool if it was there but if not, I’ll be fine, and I’m certainly not going to pursue it” stuff:

stainless steel appliances
granite countertops
master bedroom that has its own bathroom
Jacuzzi soaking tub in that master bathroom

So there you have it. I’d like to think I’m easy to please when it comes to living spaces, but I don’t know. I haven’t actually seriously looked for a place to live since 2006. And moving’s such a pain in the butt that I’m OK not looking for now. It’s when I watch endless House Hunters and House Hunters International marathons that I get like this, you know. Will I stop watching them? NOPE. THANK YOU.

this is more like it

And that was a random insight into my dorkiness. It really wasn’t a test. I just didn’t want you to panic.

You’re welcome.

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( Friday, 18 November 2011 10:18 pm)

I hadn’t planned on blogging today, but I’m sitting here and decided why the heck not? What else is there to do?

Oh yeah. CLEAN THE LIVING ROOM. Again. Because Adam and I clearly cannot keep this place clean for more than a couple weeks at a time. BUT. I will leave that until Sunday because Sunday is already going to be a super duper cleantastic day. Aidan will be here IN FOUR DAYS and his room is still a fall down mess. Sunday is do or die, man.

This is what I’ve been up to since Monday.

Two yoga classes. Tuesday’s class was more challenging because I hadn’t eaten anything before class (I woke up 12 minutes before class was to start! Good thing I live very close to my studio), and also because she had us do this pose I HATE, when you’re in plank but you pull your leg in toward your elbow and basically just hold it. Until I get stronger, I will hate that pose. Hate. Ironically, doing that pose will make me stronger. So guess what I get to do when I am done posting this?

Because quite frankly, I used to not be a big fan of Chaturanga Dandasana (think about being stuck halfway in a pushup) or Trikonasana (triangle) but I like them now because I am stronger. Although I almost changed my mind about triangle on Tuesday. Mia (my teacher) kept coming over and adjusting me, so I thought that I’d been doing it wrong. But then she said that she was picking on me; that I looked great but she wanted to push me to the next level. :D

Finished my bathroom makeover. I actually didn’t realize I was making over the bathroom, but I did. New shower curtain liner, new hooks (instead of those annoying rings), new rug, and new trash can. It looks pretty spiffy in there!

More Christmas shopping. Yup., Big Lots, Anderson’s Bookshop, Disney Store, and Meijer, I salute you for your fine selections. AND I got to visit my favorite hippie shop as well. Lots of new incense to try! Oh, and I finally got a plush tree skirt. I’d been wanting one for years, but they’re always too expensive. NOT IF YOU GO TO BIG LOTS. I got one for $10. I mean, it might fall apart after a couple years, but still. I have a plush tree skirt!!

Read two new books. One was called Giving Up the V. The book was OK and everything (the first chapter rocked my socks off, for realz, yo), but I could not get past the HUGE continuity errors in one of the chapters. The errors were within pages of each other, so it was a big miss. I know books go out with typos all the time–there’s just too much to catch and not enough time to catch it all. But these errors were BAD.

Visited the library. Checked out ten books. Think I can have them all read by December 7? I’ve already finished two and I’ve already dug into the third.

I’m really glad I look young. (I knew I’d be happy about that someday!) When I visit the teen space at the library, I don’t get a lot of crazy looks because I like YA novels. I still hate that the books are locked down at this particular library but they get the newest ones the fastest and they have the biggest selection in the city, I believe.

Attended the 90 Second Newbury Film Festival. This would have been easier to sit through if the person behind me had washed sometime in the past week. Strong sense of smell + a stranger’s B.O. = very unhappy Ronni.

Got my coat! It’s 80% down and so pretty! YAY!

Saw my friend Jen. I have a few friends named Jen. This particular Jen, I hadn’t seen in probably a year if not more. It’s a shame. We all live in this city, but busy schedules and traffic and long commutes make it hard for my friends and me to get together. Sad.

Officially broke out the Christmas music! Oh yeah, baby! And it was Adam’s idea! Considering he views Christmas with a *very* cynical eye (which kinda breaks my heart b/c Christmas is my favorite, man), I was really shocked. We listened to it in the car on the way to hit the ‘burbs for shopping today. I was happy. I don’t think he was.

Wondered why the fresh hell my neighbor wants to blast music with a lot of fast, angry sounding guitars at 9:00am. I understand it’s his “getting ready” music, but does it have to play over my head when I’m trying to sleep in? At least it only plays for 15 minutes or so. I should probably be getting out of bed then anyway, regardless of if I stayed up til 2am or later (which I most likely did).

Wondered what to do about my cat’s halitosis. I already got a solution to his stinky fur, and that was dump baking soda on him while he was sleeping and rub it in (pretending to pet him). So his body doesn’t stink, but his breath is kickin’. And seeing as he washes his body with that breath, it’s a matter of time before he stinks again. And I can always tell when he’s bathing because I can smell it.

He’s such a handsome bugger, too. He doesn’t look like he should stink so much, does he?

Crookshanks Photo Shoot

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?
Smelly cat, smelly cat, it’s not your fault.

Started putting together my own yoga practice. I know right? What, you thought I was doing that all along? Pshaw. I should have been doing it all along–but I always liked guided practices with a teacher and sage and adjustments. Or a DVD at the very least. Heck, even a YouTube video–something to help a sister out. But now I finally feel comfortable enough to put together my own practice! And Suzanne Sterling’s music (along with some other lovely musicians) will help me do so. Now If I could just get the cat to stop sitting under me when I’m in Adho Mukha Svanasana (that’s downward facing dog for you non yoginis)….

So there you have it. A quick recap. It looks like I haven’t done all that much, but IT FEELS LIKE IT.

This weekend, well, you already know one of the things that needs to get done.

Clean Aidan’s room. God help us all.

Clean the living room. Cause, as I said, Adam and I can’t keep it straight for anything. And I want it to look nice. At least for a few hours. Or minutes. Whatever.

Christmas shopping. We’re celebrating “Thanksmas” with Adam’s family next Friday. Thanksmas is a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Adam’s mom does that when we can ALL be there for Thanksgiving, which isn’t often (plus Aidan will be with us–a first–and my first time having/seeing Aidan on Thanksgiving in five years) and we need to finish shopping for them STAT. Got most of it done today, will finish up tomorrow. YAY shopping. Maybe I’ll try to finish all my shopping tomorrow. And anything extra I get for people? That’ll just be extras/stocking stuffers. Yay.
I know what you’re thinking. Stop that laughing!

My iProcrastinate also tells me that I need to make my Christmas 2011 playlist (I listened to my 2010 playlist today), use two of my Groupons, and submit a time sheet by Sunday. Let’s see how many of those things get done. :p

Have a good weekend!

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