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Birthdate:Dec 20
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Website:The Web Site
What had happened was.....

You don't have to speak: you can do it in the dance
You don't have to hide: you are safe within the dance
All of us are free in the heart of the dance
So mote it be, in the name of the dance!

- SJ Tucker


I've been on Live Journal since 2004, but due to some cross-posting issues from my domain to here (mainly annoying double entries), I've locked down any entries prior to January 2010. If you want to read blog/journal posts from the beginning, you can see them at my domain: Feel free to leave comments there; the poor site's kinda lonely. :)


writer · mom · picture taker · faerie child
dancer · sensitive · disney fanatic
traveler · loyal · avid reader
golden · dreamer · passionate · silly
self proclaimed dork

Hello, I’m Ronica (pronounced RAW-nih-kah). Please call me Ronni.

Me and Mickey!YAY!Mouseketeer IIWheel/Upward Facing Bow Pose: Urdhva Dhanurasana

I’m 37 years old young (!!), I have very curly golden hair and hazel eyes. I stand about 5'1", and I weigh around 120 pounds. I was born December 20th and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. I lived there until I moved to Columbus, Ohio, to attend The Ohio State University. I graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and I stayed in Columbus until March of 2008, when I moved to Chicago, Illinois.

It's Me!Getting ReadyA Photo ShootTriangle Pose: Trikonasana

I’m an aspiring author, a writer, a copy editor, a proofreader, a picture-taker, a dreamer, a wife, an author fangirl, and a mommy to the cutest little boy ever. I am a proud geek, and according to them, I am worth $2,164,950.00.

I love my son Aidan, my husband Adam, my angel kitty little Lucy, my living kitties Helena, Fi, and Crookshanks, reading, spaghetti, wildflowers, cheeseburgers and fries, messenger bags, writing, electronics, surfing the Internet, taking pictures, Disney World, words, dolls, breakfast for dinner, sushi, sunshine, dangly earrings, purple, dancing, good music, yoga, getting packages in the mail, books, libraries, Christmas, cute panties, bacon, taking showers/baths, trees, Japanese gardens, visiting new places, making new friends, Mickey Mouse, and weekends.

Crazy Hair!Golden Gate Bridge & Me!Yay RonniRonni is Happy!

I am an avid reader. I try to read at least 100 new books each year. I can’t imagine how I survived before I knew how to read. I prefer to read books in the YA genre for many reasons, but I love any good story. Some of my favorite books are THE HUNGER GAMES, CATCHING FIRE, SWEET REVENGE, DREAMLAND, SLOPPY FIRSTS, CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC, and FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC. Some of my favorite authors are Sarah Dessen, Laurie Halse Anderson, Susane Colasanti, Elizabeth Scott, Adam Selzer, and JK Rowling.

Yay Ronni

In this journal, I talk mostly about life, family, friends, and books. I post loads of pictures and I post a lot of memes. I try to keep things positive yet real. There maywill be some randomness and foolishness. Consider yourself warned. >:)

I hope you enjoy reading and commenting (ahem).

I Has Kitties!
Beautiful HelenaCrookshanksFi
Helena, Crookshanks, and Fi

A few randoms:
· I still sleep with a teddy bear. His name's Pandernoodle and I've had him since I was one year, five days old.
· I’m obsessed with bananas but I don’t like to eat them.
· I have a love/hate relationship with shopping.
· I turn into a total dork when I go to a Disney park.
· I like taking pictures with characters.
· I do not like the sound of footsteps.
· Every major city I’ve lived in or near begins with the letter C.
· I love pens, especially Pilot Precise #5, blue and Sharpie pens, black.
· I desperately want really long hair.
I Have Long Hair!
It's getting there!
· I get cold very easily, and it takes me a very long time to warm up.
· Because of that, I prefer summer over winter.

It’s very nice to meet you. Feel free to add me as a friend, especially if you're an author, a writer, an artist, a faerie child, a doll collector, or just plain fun. :)

We Are Family!
Magic KingdomWe Are Here!

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Me and My Favorite Skyline!

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"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - Martin Luther King Jr.

by janaluna @ cutecute_icons.

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