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( Saturday, 18 February 2012 01:46 am)

Cinderella Castle

Seven trips and it never gets old. Even though I spent the first day half crazed out of my mind due to lack of sleep and being hopped up on energy drinks. Magic Kingdom was as magical as ever, with rides, yummy food, fireworks, and of course, Mickey Mouse.

*warning, lots of pictures ahead!*

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And just in case there weren’t enough pictures in this post, there are loads more here: [LINK]

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( Saturday, 11 February 2012 02:24 pm)

Cinderella Castle

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Ronni’s Disney Trip FAQ. People ask me these questions whenever they find out I’m going to Disney World again.

How many times have you been to Disney World, anyway?
I’ve been six times. This will be my seventh trip. I’ve also been to Disneyland twice.

Why do you love it there so much?
Disney World is a world in itself. It’s a very magical place, one where I can pretty much forget everything happening in the world and just have a good time. They go out of their way to make sure that’s exactly what happens. I also love the detailing. Every little thing is so well thought out. Most people overlook them for the big things like the rides and the parades, but if you have time, it’s fun to check out all the tiny little details. Believe me, they’ve thought of everything.

Plus, those who know me know that I’m a kid at heart. Disney World is the one place I can go where I can be myself and no one looks at me weird for doing so.


Are you taking Aidan?
Not this time. He’s in Columbus with his dad, and also in school. He goes with us every other trip.

Let the Memories Begin!
June 2011

Don’t you ever want to go somewhere else?
Sure. I want to go to Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney… oh wait, that’s not what you meant, is it? But seriously, I have every intention of traveling more places. I got a passport in August and I am desperate to use it.

Doesn’t it get expensive?
It can be, but Adam and I always try to go when there is a free dining promotion going on. We also try to go during Value season, when everything is cheaper. (This isn’t always possible because Aidan’s time off school doesn’t always coincide with a Value season.) We also don’t stay in the most expensive resorts (although I’d LOVE to stay in the Polynesian someday). We’re also aggressive about picking the least expensive flight options. (We tend to go with Southwest because of their free baggage allowances, but if we find a flight that’s cheaper including baggage fees, we’ll go with that.) My dream Disney trip would cost about $15K. We never pay anywhere near that much.

Tomorrow this time, I will be frolicking in the Magic Kingdom! It will be awesome, albiet cold. Seriously, I can’t believe the weather waited until the day we arrive to have a forecasted high of 57F when it’s been in the 70s and 80s all week. That frustrates me. Not that I was planning on wearing shorts and tank tops anyway. I’ve packed hoodies and jeans and socks and I will be wearing my new awesome Keens which I love. But now it looks like I will need reinforcements, at least for tomorrow.

I guess I can’t be too mad. It’s currently 17F here in Chicago. So 57F will feel like a vast improvement anyway.

As always, I plan to take loads of photos, and this time, Adam and I will be using Instagram as well. So feel free to follow me on Instagram to get up-to-the-minute photos! :)

When I get back, I’ll post all about my trip, and I’ll also have my very first giveaway! You’ll definitely want to check back for that.

See ya real soon!

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( Saturday, 11 June 2011 02:40 pm)

Guess where I just was (again)! :)

Cinderella Castle

I might be just a little bit obsessed.

Anyway, here are the major highlights (copied from my Disney blog):

+ Boat ride to Downtown Disney. It was beautiful.
+ Magic Kingdom Rope Drop.
+ Star Tours 3D. Holy crap is that ride awesome now!
+ Garden Grill. I think they outdid themselves this time. Everything was delicious, and as usual, the character interaction was top notch.
+ Kilimanjaro Safari. There were TONS of animals out!
+ A gorilla strutting out, squatting in front of all of us spectators, and proceeding to show us how he does #1 AND #2. Quite entertaining!
+ Festival of the Lion King. It was fantastic as always. And I was FINALLY in the giraffe section.
+ Dancing with Phineas and Ferb! The line to meet them was long and hot, but we were entertained! And when it was finally our turn? Rock on!
+ Seeing the Torch Lighting ceremony at the Polynesian. (I am determined to stay there someday. I love that place.)
+ Chocolate-covered marshmallows rolled in mini Reese’s Pieces. YUM.
+ Aidan and me finding reasons to laugh hysterically in the hotel room, probably driving poor Adam crazy.
+ Living With The Land. Always a neat ride, and we had an entire boat to ourselves.
+ PeopleMover. So relaxing. I’m always sad when it’s over.
+ The Memories castle show. OK, they could do without the pictures. Just show us the effects on the castle. So awesome!
+ Aidan falling in love with Pirates of the Caribbean.
+ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (always awesome).
+ Surprising Aidan with a trip to the LEGO store in Downtown Disney.
+ Meeting nice people in line or on the bus.
+ Liberty Tree Tavern. Good food. Very busy, though.
+ Soarin’. Always a good time.
+ Weather. It was hot, but we had plenty of water and one of those spray fans. We were OK.
+ Watching Aidan enjoy Mission Space: Green, and Test Track.
+ I am not as obsessed with getting character photos anymore, so a little less standing in line for that. It made the characters we DID get more special.
+ Sitting in one of those little side streets off of Main Street and discovering a few secrets. :)
+ No rain!
+ Seeing Space Mountain with all the lights on. WEIRD!
+ Naps in Hall of Presidents and Carousel of Progress. I KNOW, but believe me, I needed them!

It's Us! YAY We're Here! In the Animal Kingdom

Wishes Safari!

Us With the Boss! Epcot

Aidan's Yummy Dessert Catch Ya Down in New Orleans

Rockin' Out With Phineas and Ferb

Aidan is Hula Hooping and Clapping! Pretty Birds Aidan and Duffy

There’s plenty more where that came from, right here: [LINK]

‘Til next time! :)

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( Monday, 6 June 2011 09:32 pm)

Having a great time! More in a few days! :)

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Wow, it’s been a very long time since I’ve updated. I’ve just been busy working and relaxing and OH YEAH I WENT TO DISNEY WORLD AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MONTH I guess I forgot to mention that, huh?

Sorry about that. Seriously, this working full time (more than in most cases)–well, I’d put the deposit on the trip in September of 2010. Then fourth quarter started. Then there were the holidays. The days went by in a blur, and before I knew it, I had to rush around preparing for the trip. It was crazy–a Disney trip has NEVER snuck up on me like this. I’m usually on pins and needles counting the days for it to hurry up and get here!

Ronni and Adam

So, Disney World came upon us FAST. We had a blast. :) I spent most of that first day in denial and in a daze, but that might have been because I was so darn tired cause I couldn’t sleep the night before! I didn’t start to feel like it was real until after the Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade!

We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter, which is one of the moderate resorts. (We usually stay at Pop Century, a value.) OK, I got spoiled. The bus stops were close to the parks, the resort was small and quiet, there was a hot tub, and it was just pretty! (Check in was super slow, but we ended up meeting some people from Columbus OH who just happen to be now living in the house that Chris grew up in. How is that for coincidence? Guess who was singing “it’s a small world” all afternoon after that?) Anyway, Adam and I decided that it’s worth the extra $$ a night for all the extras we got out of it. We’ll be staying there this June as well.

(God, imagine if I ever get to stay in the Polynesian! Talk about spoiled rotten, right? But that won’t happen for a long time, not with rooms starting at $400 a night. Yowsa!)

Almost every character I met hugged (or kissed) me, some more than once! I even got a hug from Tinkerbell. The hugs from Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen (the highlight of my trip) were the best, though.

Hanging with New Orleans Royalty!

Did I mention that Tiana is my favorite Disney princess? Oh well, now you know. :) On Sunday, our first day there, we were going around Magic Kingdom, and I’d mentioned to Adam that meeting Tiana and Naveen would make my trip. It would make my YEAR. We couldn’t figure out where their meeting place was, but we’d been planning on hitting MK the next day, so we figured we’d look for them there. Well, Adam and I got to the park at Rope Drop (I highly recommend doing that–it’s awesome so early in the morning!), and we ended up RIGHT BEHIND THEM as they walked down Main Street. When we got to their meet and greet place, they let me take pictures with them and chatted with me and it was like, amazing. I was like this when it was all done:


Yea, that was a pretty awesome day in the Magic Kingdom, even if it did rain quite a lot. It was warm, and I rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad twice (ended up riding it five times total during the trip), and it was the day of the Main Street Electrical Parade, where Adam and I were quite entertained by a total brat who was 11-years old and acting like a spoiled princess (she had visited the Bippity Boppity Boutique at some point during the day–she was ALL done up). Adam and I nicknamed her Veruca Salt. :o

Although we had a great trip, I don’t know if I’ll go in January again. The crowd level was pretty great for the most part, and soaking in the hot tub in the evening was nice, also. But a couple of days, it got pretty cold, and that’s not what you want to have to deal with when on a vacation in FLORIDA. We only had one day of rain, though, and one day it was absolutely perfect out. So the weather is hit or miss, and a lot of things were being refurbished or fixed up. Tarpilicious! Not that I noticed…too much. I was too busy gawking over the fact that Christmas stuff was still up for the first few days of the trip. I was thrilled, to be honest, because dude, I might still have my Christmas decorations up, and I figured if DISNEY didn’t have theirs down, then I shouldn’t feel bad. (Of course, once I came to this conclusion, all the decorations were gone the next day. Even the poinsettias that had been planted were changed to purple and pink and yellow flowers.)

You know what this means right? I really have no excuse. I have to get the Christmas decorations down. And I will… sometime next week. Maybe.


Here are a few more picture highlights:

Wishes Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Main Street Electrical Parade The Selzer Family

Breakfast at The Crystal Palace Tree of Life

Adam, Me, and Flik Cinderella Castle

Beautiful Castle It's Duffy, the Disney Bear! Chillin' with Dale

Castle Reflection

Adam and Ronni Smooches in Magic Kingdom

Us with Mickey Mouse!

And you can see many more pictures here: Disney World 2011

It was nice seeing Adam’s family at various times throughout the trip as well. Eli ran the Goofy, Melissa ran the half-marathon, and Adam’s parents were there for cheers and support. Also, Cassidy brought little Lola which was awesome because she seemed to enjoy the park in the best way a little baby could:

On the Mad Tea Party

We ate good food (Liberty Tree Tavern, Garden Grill, and Boma FTW), saw parades and shows, rode rides (yea Expedition Everest, Tower of Terror, Rock N Rollercoaster [twice], Space Mountain [twice], and of course, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad), and really had an amazing time. I cannot wait to take Aidan this summer. Because OH YEAH we are going again! Twice in one year for me, and Aidan too, because his father is taking him in August. ROCK.

Oh yeah, I have six words for you: GIANT CHOCOLATE AND M&M COVERED MARSHMALLOW.

So getting another one of those when I go in June. Mouth is watering just thinking about it.

OK, that’s enough for now. :) Hope you enjoyed my short recap. Talk to you soon… but first, I leave you with some LOLz for days:

Okee dokee, artichokie. I’m gonna sign off before I get tempted to add more gifs. I am tired. I did four yoga sessions today and attended a kirtan. I should sign off. But I might play a game or ten of BeJeweled 3 before I actually turn in.


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